ASPIRIN and a fry up or protein shake and a run along the beach? See how four Aussie leaders start their day.

1. Peter Camphin is the CEO of Ray White Queensland, and a passionate Masters rower who loves starting his day on the water.

“My alarm goes off at 4.15am, which is usually followed by a short black coffee and a Berocca. Then four days a week it’s into the rowing gear and off to the shed, and I’m on the water by 5am. A regular session last for 1.5 hours, with various technical drills depending on which boat we are training in. I drink two litres of water and then its straight back home.”


Peter Camphin

Peter Camphin, CEO of Ray White Queensland.

“Breakfast usually consists of muesli, fresh fruit like an orange, banana and sultanas, and a juice – if we have some! Most mornings will include two eggs on their own – no bread, no butter, no sugar and I use trim milk in my coffee and muesli.”

“I chat with my wife Jane and our boys if they’re up to find out what the day plan is for them. I recheck my emails and the diary so I don’t miss anything, and I listen to ABC radio while dressing for work before I’m in the car to get to my first appointment.

“I’ll do meetings in the morning up to 2pm as that’s when my energy is at its highest and try to do all the admin, emails and calls in the afternoon. I usually drink a maximum of three coffees per day and have lunch at 12.30pm and a snack at 3pm to get me through to dinner.”

“On the days I don’t row it may be a walk up Mt Coot-tha with Jane at 5.30am, or a 30 minute ergo followed by the same breakfast routine. Or it might be jump out of bed, shower and dress and drive to the airport, depends on what’s happening!” 

2. Vicki Condon is the founder and CEO of the Raise Foundation, and says raising three teenagers means starting the day organised is the key to a successful day.

“My mornings actually start the night before. If I can tidy up the house, get all the dishes done, check all my emails, and read through my diary before I go to bed, the sunrise brings greater clarity and optimism. My most successful days are the ones which start with a hot cup of water with a squeeze of lemon juice to freshen up my mind, followed by a bowl of toasted muesli with rice milk and a handful of blueberries to give me an energy boost.”


Vicki Condon

Vicki Condon, founder and CEO of the Raise Foundation.

“Once the rabble is fed and their lunch boxes are packed, I can gently nudge them all on their way, and start my work day with a big deep breath. My phone calls for the day are the first tasks I tackle as I drive back from school drop off. If I have an early morning meeting or a mentoring workshop to run, I grab a peppermint tea and start the ball rolling with enthusiasm. If there is a window of opportunity before my first commitment, I love to walk at the beach and feel the wind gently blow the cobwebs out so that inspiration can creep in. The shimmering blue water gives me a sense of calm and provides comfort and strength to deal with the challenging situations that come up throughout the day ahead.” 

3. Being a sports reporter for Channel 9 means Roz Kelly’s world is full of early mornings and late night football games – but says adrenaline and a lot of coffee isn’t the best way to start the day.

“Routine doesn’t exist in my world. I can go from waking up at 3am if I’m doing the Today Show to the next day running all over the place on a 12 hour-plus reporting shift – or sometimes both in one day. And then there’s a lot of travel which can throw all healthy living out the window – it’s an exciting job but my poor body clock is often very out of whack! Adrenaline and a lot of coffee was how I survived for a long time, but that is unsustainable, and these days I force myself to be a lot more organised.”


Roz Kelly

Channel Nine sports reporter Roz Kelly.

“A ‘normal’ morning involves lying in bed listening to Big Sports Breakfast radio while checking news sources on Twitter. I could snooze for Australia, but am one of those people who gets very ‘hangry’ (hungry-angry) if I don’t have a solid breakfast so I always try make time for that. It makes a huge difference to my mental sharpness throughout the day. Usually I make an omelette with whatever healthy stuff is in the fridge – spinach, onion, tomato, mushroom or goats cheese. While that’s cooking I’ve gotten into a routine knocking back Vital Greens, they are the only vitamins I take. If I’m working early I’ll make a banana smoothie with protein powder to drink on the way to the office.”

“The evening is when I prefer to exercise because I can switch off properly and don’t feel rushed. But if I have time in the morning I try to get to a couple of yoga classes a week. Surfing is my favourite but only possible on days off. I figure if I start the day well, then I’ve had some nutrition in case I can’t do anything else good for myself for the rest of the day. Oh and coffee! A morning latte makes me happy and gets the brain fired up. Or maybe that’s just in my mind? It’s a habit I definitely can’t kick.” 

4. Famed fashion designer and entrepreneur Peter Morrissey loves to start his day inspired by the world around him.

“On a good day I start my day by walking the beautiful path from Bondi to Bronte, and try and do that four days a week. I love seeing the ocean and breathing in the fresh air, it really puts the day into perspective. On the days I don’t do that, I walk to the Boy Charlton pool where I will do 20 laps. I like to start the day by watching the world go by – it’s good for your soul. When you walk along Bondi you see people throwing a ball to the dog, kids running around with their friends and the 80-year-old couple holding hands. All of those images remind me what life is about, and it’s important to be reminded of that every day. I believe we work to live, not live to work, so whenever I’m on my walk it reminds me to slow down, and everything else can wait.”


Peter Morrissey

Famed fashion designer and entrepreneur Peter Morrissey.

“To eat, I love a salami and pickle on Turkish with a hard boiled egg. I also really like Yogurtland’s breakfast yogurt with granola and fresh fruit – it’s good for me because I prefer something with my fruit and it’s just delicious. I also love a banana smoothie with two shots of coffee or a double shot mocha gets me through for the day. I try and drink three litres of water a day too, that’s one thing I really try and stick to.

“But the best way for me to start my day is when people smile at me in the morning. I’m one of those people why says hello to everyone I meet and that positive energy really put you in good stead to tackle the day – with a smile.”

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