This week, GPJ, The Fordham Company and Canon’s SunStudios have come together to create Ready to Roll – a creative partnership that is ready—right now—to help marketers, business owners create highly engaging, broadcast-quality content that will cut through at-home audiences. 

The three companies are committed to quality, professionalism, and creativity with shared goals to elevate their clients’ needs during this unprecedented time for businesses and the creative industry. Adhering to all safe-distancing regulations, they have designed custom packages that allow in-studio access at limited numbers while creating professionally produced videos, live-streaming video, and talent resources. 

The idea was sparked through friendly outreach, industry buddies checking in on one another amidst the unprecedented changes to their companies that were occurring due to COVID-19. From banter turned ideation, with support for each other through an agreed upon new three-for-one offer, Ready to Roll. Caleb Bush, SVP & Managing Director GPJ ANZ, shares that, “At this tough time for the live-events industry, it was important for us to come together as three like-minded businesses, thinking locally of what we can offer to showcase some semblance of normal.” He added that his clients are looking for “agile and small teams that can roll up their sleeves and deliver high-quality content”. Ready to Roll will provide an easy option for professional video outputs for brands and businesses that may currently be relying on at-home recordings without the guidance of production or talent coaching.   

“Ready to Roll is exactly that” states Jason McLean, Director of Canon Imaging & Solutions. “We want to make it very clear that we are in fact ready to roll, providing safe studios in both Sydney and Melbourne, polished video production, creativity, and production teams that are just an email or phone call away. Simply put, you have more options than your home office to record and broadcast content.” 

In addition to in-studio production, the team knew that at-home viewers are facing online-meeting fatigue and wanted to remember the importance of the ‘wow factor’ for creating an engaging experience. The Fordham Company’s line up of media and celebrity broadcasters and top talent is exactly what was needed to bring video and live-streaming experience to the next level. Providing immediate access to Australian’s top celebrity talents including Lisa Wilkinson, Sylvia Jeffreys and Mark Taylor amongst others, brings another level for brands to consider. “Recently we’ve seen an increase in demand to access talent for digital and virtual campaigns, content and events,” adds The Fordham Company’s Nick Fordham. “We are so fortunate to represent and work with a diverse range of Australia’s most trusted personalities and brands who can be very effective communicators during this time.” With the three teams working closely, decisions can be made quickly and deliberately for what’s best for the brief and audience experience. 

Jacquelyn Cowardin, Head of Audience Acquisition at GPJ adds that, “At-home audiences are eager for high-quality branded content that entertains, engages and informs. The first few weeks, audiences loved relatable unpolished webinars, but engagement and longevity of content fell short with a distracted and shortened attention span of audiences. Our goal is for brands to remember that quality and content are paramount for audiences to tune-in, stay engaged, and recall information.”

Practicing safe-distancing, cleanliness of the studio and the health of staff, crew, and those on-set are among the top priorities for the new partnership. Considerable importance will be placed on security measures of those in studio, temperature checks, disinfectant usage and production teams working remotely. McLean assures that, “we are working well within the current government guidance and monitoring updates daily.”   

Sun Studios is owned and operated by Canon with a wide range of lighting, photography and premium cinema equipment, camera bodies and lenses, mounts, projectors and more from branches in both Sydney and Melbourne. They offer Fibre to the building with 100mb Down & 50mb Up, and in-house live streaming systems.

For further enquiries on ‘Ready to Roll’, please contact Nick Fordham

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