By Briana Domjen, The Daily Telegraph

AFTER more than 20 years in the business, Sophie Monk’s latest venture will poke fun at the industry which gave her first start.

The former Bardot singer turned actor and radio personality, who found her fame on reality TV series Popstars, is working on a top secret television pilot with international broadcast giant NBC Universal in a move reminiscent of Kim Kardashian and the Osbournes.

Sophie Monk is set to star in her own Kardashian-like reality series. She was pictured having a meeting with TV production director Kylie Washington. Picture: DIIMEX

The difference for Monk though is that she is in on the joke, working as writer, director, producer and star of the satirical reality series that will lift the lid on the genre.

“I’ve partnered with Match Box and NBC Universal to make my own series, which I will produce, and help direct,” Monk said. “I want to make a reality show that is actually reality. Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes……. me especially.

“Who doesn’t love watching and getting a glimpse of someone else’s life. But it would just be better if it was honest and real without re-impacting and scripts to make things glamorous.”

After landing gigs with Pepsi Max, Calipso and Network Nine, it’s been a massive year for Monk, her agent Nick Fordham claiming it’s the 37-year-old’s carefree attitude which has lured big name brands.

“In my view Sophie is very unique and rare personality that encapsulates exactly what media and brands are after,” Fordham said.

“Wildly talented muti-medium media presenter across radio and TV, beautiful but most importantly doesn’t take her jobs or herself too seriously and loves to have a laugh.

“In a world of over edited personalities it all becomes a little manufactured and beige, but Sophie keeps everyone on their toes. From her music career, film career and now kicking ass in radio and TV she is keen to tick another box in making her own series, but with a twist.”

Sophie Monk is exclusively managed by The Fordham Company.

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