By Erin Miller, The House Of Wellness

The Project host reveals why she’s in a better mood these days – and the daily routine that helps her maintain her wellbeing.

Ditching the early morning starts she had for a decade as a breakfast TV host has left Lisa Wilkinson brimming with more energy.

Last October, Lisa, 58, announced she was leaving Channel Nine show Today and moving to Channel Ten for a role with The Project.

The switch meant a farewell to those middle-of-the-night alarm clock wake-up calls she faced on Today.

“I feel like my circadian rhythms are much more in sync now,” Lisa says.

It’s also had a positive effect on her family dynamic with husband Peter FitzSimons, 56, and their three children.

“I’m probably less grumpy,” Lisa says.

“With breakfast TV you can end up very grumpy by the end of the week and the other hosts and I used to talk about that, which is a pity because those hours do impact.”

Yet she’s quick to point out it was her choice to work those hours and that it’s an issue affecting not just those who work in the entertainment industry.

“You talk to any shift worker,” she says. “If you’re a shift worker those hours impact those around you, so it’s nice to be able to sleep past 3am.”

Lisa’s health and wellbeing routine

Lisa is mindful of maintaining her good health.

She eats healthily and sees benefits in both Eastern and Western medicine.

“I’ve always believed in acupuncture, massage and supplements,” she says.

Maintaining an exercise regimen is also a priority.

“I go to the gym three times a week and I’m proud to have the planking record at my gym for five minutes,” Lisa says.

She also incorporates brisk walks in to her weekly routine, doesn’t smoke and rarely drinks alcohol.

“I’ll have a glass of champagne for a celebration, but beyond that, nothing really,” Lisa says.

The TV host and Nutra-Life ambassador is also a firm believer in looking after her gut health and each day takes a probiotic, as well as drinking Remedy Kombucha.

“I take an aged garlic extract each day,” she says. “Aged garlic is all about maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.”

As heart disease runs in Lisa’s family, she has always been vigilant about her own heart health.

“I’ve always had healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, but there is no way I was going to take that for granted,” she says.

“Every time I take something in to my body, if I can make sure it’s healthy and I enjoy it and I feel better for it, well, to me it’s a no-brainer.”

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