While Kaia Wright’s name might not sound familiar, her presence has been clear for quite some time, especially if you’ve tuned into The Outback Wrangler. Now, Kaia’s name is on everyone’s lips as the model and mother starts to make waves in the world of beauty.

After making her global television debut alongside her husband, Matt Wright, in their Netflix series Wild Territory—fret not, you can stream it later this year or check it out on Channel 9 now—Wright is now turning her talents toward the world of haircare. Why? Well, to prove that living in the extreme conditions of the Outback and having luxurious, healthy hair is absolutely possible.

An ambassador for Biolage’s new Ultra Hydrasource range, Wright spends a lot of her time on her remote property in the Northern Territory, caring for her 30 family pets, including a five-metre pet crocodile. But despite this, you might be surprised about how much she values me-time and indulging in self-care.

With her life in the Top End a huge part of her life, it’s easy to forget that Wright is a mother, just trying to juggle it all like the rest of us. While she’s in her element when spending quality time with her son, Banjo—and preparing for the birth of her second child—she finds solace in the time spent taking care of herself, and she hopes that we all see the beauty in that too.

Showing the world how important it is to find time to fill your cup, Wright spoke with marie claire Australia about find time for herself, advice for busy mums and why giving some TLC to her hair is all she needs to take on the day.


marie claire: As a busy mum, how important is hair care to you?

Kaia Wright: I‘ve been a long time supporter of the ‘Mum Bun’. But about six months ago, I chopped over half my hair off, which was the best thing I ever did because it forced me to [maintain] weekly self-care with washing and styling my hair, rather than chucking it up. As a mum in particular, it is incredible how much better you feel with your hair done—I can have zero sleep and look like a foot, but if my hair is done I actually feel so much better—so haircare has become a priority of mine.

MC: What is one step of your hair care routine that you can’t miss?

KW: A hair mask, for sure! Ever since [I started] using the Biolage Ultra Hydrasource Hair Mask, my brittle grasslike ends have completely transformed. I only ever used to shampoo and condition my hair, but even after conditioning, it never fully felt hydrated. But [now that I’ve] introduced a mask, it’s silky, full and feels nice—it also knots way less.

MC: How do you find time to wind down and take care of yourself amidst your busy schedule?

KW: A bath! I won’t book a hotel room or stay anywhere that doesn’t have a bath. There is something about a hot bath, nice products and chill music that makes you bliss out. And the bath has to be in the dark, any form of light takes the zen away for me.

MC: Do you have any advice for other mums out there juggling raising their family and staying true to themselves?

KW: For me, I see my time with Banjo now in his early years as the most precious time, so my priority is hanging with him as much as possible. I don’t feel the pull to go out or do other things, I just want to hang with him in my time away from running the businesses because before too long it’ll be “Mum who?”. But in saying that, I speak to my girlfriends 16374857 times a day, which fills my personal cup up.


MC: How do you adjust your beauty routine to protect your skin and hair from the strong Australian sun up in the Northern Territory?

KW: I layer with every hydrating product that exists. I start with a hyaluronic serum, followed by a vitamin c moisturiser, then a face oil and SPF 50 sunscreen. If I miss one of these steps, my skin instantly feels dry. And I make sure that when I apply my conditioner—Biolage Hydrasource is my go-to—that my hair has been dried off enough for my hair to actually absorb it. And I also apply a hair mask every time I wash my hair, not just once every now and then.

MC: What beauty tips and tricks do you hope to pass down to your children?

KW: When I was 10, my mum bought me a pot of moisturiser and taught me to apply it every night before bed. I’m so grateful she did that, because I’m the same now. I spend all my money on making sure my skin is in the best possible condition, so I only have to wear minimal make up. And it’s the exact same with my hair, I use good products, so my hair is in good nick, so I’m not wasting time trying to dress it up or disguise damage.

MC: Given that you spend so much of your time in nature, how would you define your sense of style?

KW: Comfortable, classic and dependable staple pieces are my go-to, I’m all about uncomplicated looks that are put together with little to no effort.

MC: Is there one thing that you’d love people to know about the Australian outback?

KW: How nice it is to be able to spend time in places where you can be totally off the grid, connected to nature with no Wi-Fi and reception, it is really liberating. People who don’t experience that… I don’t think they really know what freedom feels like.

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