IT’S 3.47am and a make-up free Sylvia Jeffreys is tearing through the Channel Nine carpark with wet hair and ugg boots.

It’s pitch black outside and freezing cold. The Today host’s day has already started while most of us are still tucked up in bed deep asleep.
But despite the fact that not even the sun is up yet, Jeffreys still looks glamorous and fresh-faced.

“It’s maybe 3.47 now … And obviously the focus at this point of the day is on comfort and warmth!” she says to a cameraman which has followed her for a behind the scenes look at how she gets ready for the show.

Jeffreys then collects a folder with her rundown for the day from the Channel 9 foyer before making her way to the hair and makeup department.

After her “transformation is complete” she then goes to write and sub all of her scripts.

With just 15 minutes until the program is live to air, the 28-year-old slips into her dressing room to put on her brightly coloured outfit for the day.

Next thing, she’s seated next to Karl, Lisa and Ben for the next three-and-a-half hours of live television.

All in a day’s work.

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