Comic actor Jonah Hill has joined Leonardo DiCaprio on Wolf Of Wall Street, the Martin Scorsese adaptation of the Jordan Belfort memoir. Although more commonly associated with comedic roles, starring in Superbad and, more recently, 21 Jump Street, Hill received plaudits for his Oscar nominated role in last year’s Moneyball. It is thought it was his performance in the Baseball flick that attracted Scorsese to the actor.
It is reported by the Hollywood Reporter that Hill is earmarked to play Danny Porush, an integral character to the plot of the story. Porush was convinced by his friend Belfort to quit his job as a furniture salesman and enter the volatile world of stockbroking. The film chronicles their meteoric rise and ultimate crash.
DiCaprio stars in the lead role, playing New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort. The story revolves around the lead character’s wild lifestyle, from his 20 month prison sentence for participating in 1990’s Wall Street corruption and fraud to his lavish yacht parties and drug addiction.
Jonah Hill next co-stars alongside Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in alien comedy film The Watch and will play himself in Seth Rogen’s directorial debut The End Of The World.

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