How do busy people get a perfect night’s sleep and then kick-start their day?

Health Hacker with Adam MacDougall

Grant Tothill, Head of Podcasting at SCA today announced that the Health Hacker with Adam MacDougall podcast is available on and the PodcastOne app.

Health Hacker is Adam MacDougall’s guide to hacking into a healthier life to feel, look and live better.  Life is busy and demanding and we don’t always get to look after ourselves as well as we should; our choices around food, exercise, sleep and mental health all start to slip.

In the first episodes Adam talks about why we should all be health hackers and gives us best hacks to kick-start the day and best hacks for a perfect night’s sleep; why first thing in the morning we should all be bouncing on a trampoline in the sun and why we should be sleeping with our phone in another room.

In later episodes, Adam discusses how to eat carbs without stacking on the kilos, the hacks to getting fit fast, the truth behind coffee and hacking alcohol to avoid the hangovers and putting on weight.

NRL legend Adam MacDougall is a fitness economist, trained with a Bachelor of Economics, MBA and certification in the fields of strength and conditioning, psychology, nutrition and exercise.   And he wasn’t given the nickname “Adam McGoogle”, lightly – his passion and curiosity about health backs his hacks with extensive research and he gives us numerous useful and enlightening facts: eating foods in a certain order can promote weight loss and people with a TV in their bedroom are 50% less likely to score.

Adam said “Hacking our life isn’t just about being smart with our time, it’s about being smart and practical with our food, exercise, our money and headspace.”

Announcing Health Hacker Grant Tothill said; “Adam is an evangelist, wanting to help us all improve our lives and his passion shines through the podcast.   In each 20 minute episode Adam shares his hacks in a way that’s manageable and practical and not daunting.”

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