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You’ve got to be prepared to bleed, otherwise don’t be in Homicide.’

It is these words that define one of Australia’s most celebrated and intriguing homicide detectives, Gary Jubelin. Jubelin will publish his highly anticipated memoir with HarperCollins in September 2020. Nick Fordham, CEO of the Fordham Company, brokered the hotly contested deal for world book rights, including e-book and audio editions, a newspaper column and a podcast, in August of this year with News Corp and HarperCollins’ Head of Australian Non-Fiction, Helen Littleton.

The as-yet-untitled memoir — written with journalist and long-time colleague Dan Box — will follow Jubelin’s journey from a rebellious kid, inspired to join the police after witnessing a police chase, to his rookie days, to his first homicide, to leading investigations into the disappearance of William Tyrrell, the serial killing of three Aboriginal children in Bowraville, and a series of murders linked to the Perish brothers. He also ran the crime scene following the Lindt Café siege, and recovered the body of Matthew Leveson. Jubelin had a 34-year career in policing before retiring from the NSW Police earlier this year.

Jubelin’s never-say-die approach, which has given families of those who were taken in violent and abrupt circumstances some measure of peace, has also cost him on a personal level. ‘Each investigation has taken a piece out of me and added a piece,’ Jubelin says. ‘Some people say I live my life in extremes – I don’t see it that way, I just throw myself into whatever I am doing. I chose to be a homicide detective, and that comes at a price, but it was a price I was prepared to pay. I have no regrets about my chosen profession. This book is about how I have lived my life catching killers.’

Nick Fordham says, ‘The Fordham Company is extremely proud to be acting for Gary Jubelin. His outstanding work ethic during his distinguished career has been well documented. The tremendous level of admiration and respect he has earned from the families of victims is further testament to his character and to his previous standing as a high-ranking police officer. His partnership with successful writer Dan Box is incredible and we can’t wait to share the result of their collaboration next year.’

On the opportunity to publish Jubelin’s book, HarperCollins’ Helen Littleton says, ‘At a time where Australian crime novels and true-crime stories are dominating the bestseller lists, we were thrilled to acquire the rights to Gary Jubelin’s story of his life and his 34-year career in the NSW Police Force. The book will offer readers a fascinating insight into the life of a brave and uncompromising homicide detective on the front line of some of Australia’s most notorious and tragic homicides – and a timely reminder of the very personal cost of that work.’

Gary Jubelin is managed exclusively by The Fordham Company.

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