SUNDAY TELEGRAPH - Pictured in Woollahra today is Associate Professor Thomas Havas – Director & Chairman of Head & Neck Cancer Foundation, being presented with a $100,000 cheque by Nick, Ben and Sarah Fordham, raised by the FORDHAM FOUNDATION. Picture: Tim Hunter.

When my dad, Jack, was getting treatment for head and neck cancer, he quickly learned that unfortunately, research into this type of cancer was considerably underfunded.

Never one to sit back, he then took it upon himself – along with his doctor, Prof. Tom Havas – to establish, The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation. In the last two years of his life, Jack created his own wine label, Critic’s Choice – the profits of which, went directly to the H&NCF.

Along with donations made by his generous mates who supported his vision, the old man raised close to $300,000. After dad passed, we wanted to continue his fundraising legacy with the launch of the Fordham Foundation.

Following our first event, we are proud to donate $100,000 back to the foundation he started with Professor Havis. Whilst my dad taught me a lot when it comes to business, one of the greatest lessons both he and my mum passed onto us kids – was to help those in need and to always give back.

We thank all those generous donors for assisting our new endeavour and as we continue to build the Fordham Foundation, I’m committed to raising as much money as I can to carry on dad’s legacy.

By Nick Fordham, CEO

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