In the lead up to House of the Dragon landing on BINGE, dragons have descended on Melbourne, Victoria, with sightings reported across the state. 

In the early hours of yesterday morning, Anglesea residents were left in wonder after sighting a mysterious giant dragon egg washed up on the Great Ocean Road beach. 

After years of working with scientists and wildlife, Aussie Outback Wrangler and dangerous animal expert Matt Wright, was called in to head to Anglesea Beach to inspect the giant 4-metre by 2-metre egg – confirming that dragons have, in-fact, landed on Australian soil.

With the help of a forklift and twelve tonne tilt tray truck, Wright has transported the dragon egg to Melbourne where it is being housed at Federation Square for Melbourians to come and see for themself. The arrival of the giant egg has seen a flight of dragons, looming over Victoria’s capital city as it keeps a watchful eye over the precious egg. 

Those who are game enough – can see the egg at Federation Square at 10:00 AM today, until 7pm. It will again be open to the public tomorrow 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Saturday 20 August).

When visiting the egg, you might see the eye of a dragon keeping a vigilant watch over the egg youngling, along with silhouettes of a flight of dragons over buildings across the city. Keep an ear out for the calls and sounds of dragons too. 

Fans of House of The Dragon fans are encouraged to come, witness, listen and experience the dragons, before they’re gone forever. But only at your own risk.

Matt Wright, Aussie Outback Wrangler, said: “I had to double take when I first saw the egg, and I didn’t know if my eyes were playing tricks on me. After looking closely at it, I realized what it actually was and had it transported to Melbourne for House of the Dragon fans to see to believe. Never did I think I’d be called upon to wrangle a giant dragon egg in all my years as an outback wrangler!”.

Alison Hurbert-Burns, BINGE Executive Director and House of The Dragon mega fan, said: “It’s been three long years since the Game of Thrones finale went to air, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the prequel set 200 years prior. Now the wait is over with the year’s biggest show – House of the Dragon – only days away from launch, streaming on BINGE from Monday 22 august at 11am AEST – same time as the U.S.”

“The arrival of the giant dragon egg on Anglesea Beach is a timely reminder for Aussie fans that the dragon takeover has begun! We invite all Melbourians to come and witness the egg for themself before jumping onto BINGE this coming Monday to watch the first episode of House of The Dragon” Hubert-Burns continued.

Fans who come down to Federation Square will also be able to access the House of the Dragon: DracARys app – the newly released House of the Dragon augmented reality app, where fans can hatch their very own personalised virtual dragon egg, and raise their very own pet dragon at home, having its own colours, looks and personality. The DracARys app is available to download in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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