By Adam MacDougall,

IT might not seem like the best place to get your food inspiration, but Dr Chris Brown has learned a lot about watching the celebrity eating challenges in the jungle.

Learned about what not to eat, that is. Because nothing puts you off a big dinner like watching the stars of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! chew through some of the least-appealing dishes ever invented.

“Most of the things we serve the celebrities in the jungle I wouldn’t be eating,” he says. “Ostrich anus, wild boar testicle; as a vet I know too much about the anatomy. I know exactly what’s in that testicle they’re eating.

“Usually when it comes to dinner time, I’ll just eat whatever I can find and then go for seconds. But watching the celebrities eat as little as they do — and looking terrific when it’s over — has taught me you can maintain your body on about a quarter of what you think you need.”

As co-host of the Channel 10 reality show, Chris also packs his bags to spend six weeks in the jungle when filming, and although his accommodation and food options are a little more luxurious than those of the celebrities, his full working days leave little time for exercise.

“With all the travel I do, I often find myself in a hotel room with just myself and a bit of carpet,” he says.

“I’m just struggling for time, so I look for those little body weight burns to maximise the time I’ve got and really get the heart rate up.

“I think just walking around the jungle in that kind of heat gets you fit, so 20 minutes of body weight exercise is more than enough. It’s too hot there to do anything more than that.”


CHRIS admits that when he was younger, he was all about pumping heavy weights in the gym. But as he’s gotten older, so have his joints and muscles, and some new aches and pains have forced him to change his routine.

Now he works with John Gannon, trainer to several pro surfers. He uses a technique called foundation training to work through aches and to strengthen and lengthen his core.

“I’ve been training with Johnny, and its all about lengthening your core and back, glutes and hamstrings,” he says.

He practices foundation training, which is the lengthening of your posture and getting the benefits that way.

“I’m really not lifting the heavy weights anymore. It used to be about getting to he gym and proving you’re the big guy, but over time my shoulder and knees have started to give me pain, so I’ve shifted it around to a bit more body weight stuff now.”


What’s your favourite healthy food?

Does Japanese count? Because I love a bit of salmon sashimi.

What’s your favourite treat food?

A pizza. Give me a thin-and-crispy supreme with everything on it.

What’s your poison of choice?

I’m a beer of vodka person.

What music gets you motivated?

I’ll start with something from The Lumineers, then move onto some Foo Fighters.

What’s your best motivation tip?

There’s two. The first is to just start, which is always the hardest. And that when you’ve done something for two days, the third day seems easy.

* Chris Brown co-hosts I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! at 7.30pm on TEN.


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